Firmware Updater TS3100 (Windows)

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Firmware Updater TS3100 Windows Operating System – Printer Firmware Updater (Windows) for TS3100 series Ver.1.1. This updater will upgrade your printer’s firmware to version 1.100. To perform this upgrade, a USB cable and a computer are needed.

Plenty of people have read in the conditions Firmware and Computer software Updates should they have utilised a computer for almost any amount of time but lots of wouldnt have a clue as to the difference in between the 2. The two software program and firmware updates might cause substantial headaches to individuals of us who rely on generic printer cartridges to avoid wasting on our printing prices. Okay so let’s first of all reveal the dissimilarities along with the means in which printer brands use firmware and software updates to their have benefit.

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Download Firmware Updater TS3100 (Windows)

File Name: fuu_-win-ts3100-1_1-ea7.exe
File Version: 1.1
File Size: 18.34 MB
Post Date: 10/12/2021

TS3100 Firmware Updater (Mac)

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Printer Update.exe: The firmware to upgrade the functions of the printer.
  2. How To folder: Contains the manual of the firmware update procedures. Launch it from fut_upgrade.html inside the language folder.
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Firmware Updater TS3100
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